Kershaw Ken Onion Avalanche Swiss Army Knife Evaluation

Those of you who have actually read my evaluations might understand that I am a little a knife nut. I am. And this knife is among the much better users to come from the Kershaw factory in the last couple of years.

Another style by Customized Maker Ken Onion from Hawaii, this one is the Avalanche and was launched about the exact same time as the Boa. The basic pattern of this knife resembles the Blackout and Whirlwind knives which are lower end designs with more affordable products and steel.

Blade Steel - CPM-440V Black Ti Coated
Manage - G-10
Blade - 3-1/8"
Closed - 4-1/2"
Weight - 4.5 Oz.

The CPM-440V (now relabelled to CPM-S60V) was a hot steel at the time, and has actually now lost in appeal to CPM-S30V, which was established by Crucible Steel as a Flatware steel. It is the very first steel made specifically for Flatware. CPM440V is still a fantastic steel, and has a really high level of wear resistance, however it takes permanently to hone and with a manual sharpener that implies confined fingers if you wait too long in between sessions.

The Avalanche includes rough textured G-10deals with which have incredible grip, however likewise grip really firmly to your trousers when clipped, to the point where if brought everyday for a month or 2, you will have shredded pockets! I understand this from experience, yes! I resolved this by sanding down the part of the G-10deals with that is under the pocket clip location.

This knife, like many from Kershaw and Ken Onion nowadays likewise has the Speed Safe Helped opener system, which fires the blade out instantly when you press it open about 1/8". The majority of the more recent Kershaws have a "trigger" which extends from the back of the knife and becomes part of the blade. it helps with much easier use of the Speed Safe innovation. This knife being older, does not have that, and the thumbstuds need to be utilized. That is regrettable given that this is such an excellent easy style that might benefit a lot from the "trigger". New knives like the Kershaw Bump are really expensive ($180United States+) and require a premium when brand-new ... while older knives like this Avalanche can be bought for a simple $60United States.

The quality of the knife is outstanding. There are a couple of flaws such as the machining marks on the edges of the Titanium liners, however the liner lock engages favorably on the blade tang and there is no blade wobble.

General I would state this knife is an exceptional worth for the cash, and with a little sanding can be produced outstanding everyday bring tool.

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