Kershaw Leek Folding Knife Evaluation

If you ' re like me then you can value knives that are made in the United States. With a growing number of knife business outsourcing their production overseas, it is ending up being tough to discover an excellent U.S.A made knife any longer.

In comes the Kershaw Leek. This is not just one of the best feeling and look folding knives on the marketplace, however it is made in the United States. Here are my sincere viewpoints on the knife.

Exactly what I like about the knife:

1. I delight in how slim and portable the Kershaw Leek is. A few of my folding knives are an inconvenience to bring with me since they are so large and interfering. The Leek fits conveniently in my pocket and is barely visible at all.

The 3 inch blade is legal to bring nearly anywhere, however still big and sharp sufficient to offer you some excellent cutting power.

2. As you offer the thumb stud a minor push, you will observe that the blade comes flying from the deal with extremely rapidly. The reason is that Kershaw has actually executed their Speed?? safe assisted opening system, which is smooth as silk.

3. Kershaw provides you a great deal of various alternatives when you purchase a leek. You can get a blade crafted with Sandvik 13 C26stainless-steel or S30V stainless. In addition, you can select in between Sandpaper-like G-10, aluminum or stainless-steel for the deal with product.

4. If you ' ve ever had your swiss army knife open in your pocket and stab you in the leg, then you most likely do not desire it to occur once again. The Kershaw Leeks have an actually cool locking function on the deal with which presents the blade from opening suddenly.

5. Your fingers have exceptional security from lock failure due to Kershaw ' s ultra strong frame lock. My lock has no motion from front to back or side to side and it durable to withstand some hard-use.

Exactly What I did not like:

I just want that the Kershaw Leek was offered with a longer blade (4-5 inches). The knife is extremely well developed and difficult as nails.


Kershaw has actually established an excellent folding knife for daily energy work or military/ authorities bring. Its included security functions and numerous deal with and blade alternatives make this a fantastic tool that you will treasure for several years.


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